1. Easy to install.
For web developers, time is of the essence, and no one choose a complicated installation,Beacause the complicated installation leads to loss of money and time.
2. Compatible with all modern technologies.
Yii2 is the most modern technology compatible PHP framework to build an application with Yii2 is totally an OOP framework.
3. Highly extensible.
Virtually every component of the Yii framework is extensible. It is easy to tailor to fit your needs.
4. Provision for testing.
This is made simple by the process of creating unit, functional and acceptance tests for your applications. Integration of great PHP testing framework like Codeception is what makes Yii highly desirable.
5. Simplified Security.
Proper security is essential for any web application and this is where Yii can help you. Yii has a security application component.It helps to creating more security.
6.Shorter Development Time
Most projects involve a certain amount of repetitive tasks that no one wants to waste time with. Yii gives us a few tools to help you spend less time on those tasks, and more time customizing your application to suit your clients’ needs.
7. Easily Tuned for Better Performance.
Yii tool can help bring more speed out of your application.
8. Error Handling.
It has a complete errror handling framework and is based on PHP5 exception mechanism.
9. Using theme.
For Yii, each theme has a directory consisting of layout files, JavaScript files and CSS files.
10. Logging.
Yii has a logging feature that is both extensible and flexible.

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